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Clarion Integrator .Net

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Vertical and Horizontal System Integration Clarion for Windows and Microsoft .Net Framework 


Support .Net directly in Clarion for Windows


If at least once you thought about using Clarion for Windows together with .Net Framework, you're in the right place.

I searched in the Internet for a solution of  Integration in .Net as easy as possible in usage even for Clarion 5, and simply enough that a C# and Clarion.Net novice would be able to use it. But I haven't found any solution like this, so I developed new solution and templates for Clarion to achieve these goals.

Clarion Integrator. Net allows you to:

  • combine the programs based on Clarion for Windows and Microsoft .Net Framework in a single information system, creating a comfortable workplace for a user to work with all components of the integrated system (languages: Clarion for Windows, C #,, VB.Net, C + +, F #, Boo, Fortran. Net, Ruby, Clarion. Net, PHP, Perl, Python, Iron Python, ASP, ASP.Net, Java, etc.)
  • advantage of new opportunities and means of access to data, communications and multimedia based on the latest developments for the Microsoft .Net Framework
  • it is easy to replace the old interface by nice and comfortable user interface based on Microsoft. Net Framework and also based on the latest user interfaces designing recommendations
  • maintain and develop your projects in the environment Clarion for Windows using them in joint projects for Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Use RTL Clarion for Windows and Templates in the projects for Microsoft .Net Framework
  • better securing of the programs
  • quick, easy and transparent transmission of the data


Clarion Integrator .Net




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